Coco is ready for an adventure with wanderlust intentions. She is awaiting something new and exciting! However, she needs to take the dog out, drink her coffee, and get out of bed before she can wander off chasing her dreams... 

Coco seeks comfort but does not want to try too hard. She strives to lead an effortlessly chic yet comfortable lifestyle. Looking for newness in accessible fashion, she wants flair with a pop of color, print, and detail. Originality means a lot to Coco, as she wishes to stand out and be a trendsetter ...all before getting to work! 

From the gym to the streets, to work and out with her friends, Coco is an ambitious, driven and confident girl who seeks success and will work hard for her goals and aspirations. If it is attainable...Coco will render and obtain it.


Coco is you.

She is powerful and confident. 

She is living chicly yet comfortably.